When you vacuum your carpet, you are removing the surface dirt and contaminants and giving it a fresher look. However, over time, the carpet fibres become soiled with ground-in dirt and oils from daily life, spills, children, pets, and other causes. If left undisturbed, these contaminants not only affect the appearance of your carpet; they also cause it to wear out faster and, more importantly, they can pose health risks, especially to people with allergies or asthma and to small children who spend a lot of time on the floor. The best way to maintain a cleaner and healthier home is to supplement your regular vacuuming with professional cleaning, which will get deep below the surface to remove what you can’t see.
In the same way, furniture and upholstery should be routinely maintained to retain its original appearance; this includes tending immediately to spills and stains. A professional cleaner can help you extend the life and esthetic appeal of the fabric and reduce the level of pollutants it has absorbed over time.