Probably the most delightful fundamental design part of a house is ceramic, clay or stone tile in kitchens, restrooms, passages and even outside. It’s sturdy, long-wearing, and looks extraordinary. A stone tile floor in the passage quickly adds a quality of class in a home.

Tile and grout are usually laid in areas of your home prone to high traffic, which get dirtier, faster. Perhaps you’ve tried cleaning your tile and grout yourself and gave up because, face it, you just can’t get it clean yourself without the proper tools and chemicals. When we’re done, you’ll think you’ve got a new floor.

It’s a definite pain point among homeowners and renters alike. But, once you know you cleaned at least once a year. Tragically, tile and stone are not insusceptible to the undesirable components that are in and around your home. After some time, soil and grime develop in the permeable surfaces of your stone, tile and grout flooring, transforming them into a rearing ground for microscopic organisms. Particularly in zones like the washroom and kitchen, where germs can spin out of control, it’s imperative to do all that you can to eliminate the spread of microorganisms. While customary clearing and wiping are useful at keeping over the top develop under control, those don’t convey the profound tile and grout cleaning that your floors truly need.

Cleaning grout isn’t complicated, but it can become frustrating with extremely stubborn stains. Most of the time hiring a professional to come and do the cleaning for you will be successful in your cleaning endeavors, but there are times when it’s necessary to pull it out and replace it.

Let Dallas Carpet Cleaning Pro’s Tile and Grout Cleaning take one more job off your hands (and knees) with a powerful, yet safe and gentle, cleaning process. Using a specially developed tile and grout cleaning solution and high-pressure, hot water rinse with a fully enclosed vacuum system, we can restore clean and gleam to all your ceramic tile and grout surfaces – bathroom floors, showers and tubs, kitchen floors, tiled foyers and entryways, tiled halls, sunrooms, countertops, and more.

We are able to clean:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Limestone kjøpe cialis på nett
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Sandstone & Flagstone
  • Terra Cotta & Clay Products
  • Concrete & Masonry
  • Ceramic & Porcelain